We have made significant strides since we were founded and we have provided a variety of great programs that we are incredibly proud of, but we can’t do it alone. Many of the people we are helping have come from underserved communities, and many of them are living below the poverty line. Music, dance and other forms of artistic expression have been a significant source fostering community and personal health and well-being.


As a foundation, we strive to create innovative ways to advance the use of music, dance and other cultural art forms throughout the communities that we serve. One of our main focuses through our programs is figuring out how to give a unique voice to those who have historically been marginalized. The people we have been able to help so far have benefited greatly from our programs and continue to strive.

All art forms are important to us; we believe they are a critical foundation of society. African and African diaspora communities lean on music, dance and art for more, though. It is an essential part of their culture. Preserving and passing on the artforms that they hold dear is what we believe is most important.

If you would like to make a donation to the Bisemi Foundation so that we can continue advancing our mission and helping the people in our communities, you can make a donation through Paypal or through AmazonSmile (a branch of Amazon that will donate a portion of your purchase to a charitable organization of your choice).

If you’d like to donate to Bisemi Inc., please click the link below:

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